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Artist Rollout

Faouzia is a 19 year old Moroccan born singer with an incredible voice and a record deal with Atlantic.  We worked with the label to roll out 3 of her newest singles in a visual way. Work included curating the official videos, creating tons of social media content to promote them, behind the scenes promos, and photography that turned into huge billboards in Canada. 


We also worked with FIAT to integrate product placement of their 2019 FIAT 500 car. When we started working with Faouzia, she had 200k followers on Instagram. After releasing the final video, she’s now sitting at 1.6 million! The videos have amassed well over 14 million views and are still climbing as we speak.



  • 3 Official Music Videos

  • 3 Performance Videos

  • 3 Behind The Scenes Edits

  • 6 Music Video Trailers

  • 200+ Photos

  • 46 Vertical Video Ad Liners

  • 3 A Capella Story Videos

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